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General Talk / Goodbye
« on: June 06, 2013, 08:41:21 PM »
I was player to IO games from 2004. I started with Imperia online. When the IH started I was from the first players who logged in. I survived the cruel open beta testing when things were unbelievable! You had to travel to and from a dungeon per fight, the game was buggy (still is), there were a lot of black provinces to the map and many other things!

I "promoted" to moderator from Judith when I contact her for some translation mistakes. For as long as she was working at IO we had a perfect co-op. Later she replaced from Johnnie. Our co-op was also I want to believe good.
Also I had a good co-op with many of the players, trusted members and moderators.
I will recall just a few of them.
Chegewara (left because had issues with IO)
Geomaticus (left because limited time due to newborn child)
Snif (left because had issues with IO)
and many more, inactive now...

Anyway enough with nostalgic feelings.
Why I am leaving, I believe is the real question.

Well there is no simple answer to that.
When you are in a group of people and you have fun you are able to find some time to spend with them. When you stop having fun with them you realise that there are more important tasks to do and suddenly you realise that you don't have enough time for them any more.
That's what happen with me. I stopped having fun! And I don't have any time to waste here.

Why I stopped having fun?

Let's see. At first the game with all it's bugs and mistakes and unfriendly rules was fun because of the people! Both players and IO office wanted something better and each one of us contribute to the game as he could. That was fun! Fun was the community we had create. Fun was the interaction, our agreements and disagreements we had. Let's see the game today... Forum is at zombie state. Not even CMs log in at monthly base!!! Game has been stopped developed... At first the office reduced the work hours spending to IH. People continue to support the game development every way they could. Trying to show that attention should be given here too. Sadly IO office decide Imperia Online is the only game they can/want to support. Since the creators turned their backs to people, people turned their backs to creation. There are so many abandoned accounts or accounts at "babysitting" mode to the game... Only a handful of players remain.
Same situation here at forum.

In addition IO office handled issues wrong according to my point of view.
First and big mistake:
Announcement of new things! They announced that the work at IH 2 has begun. Two years passed and nothing!
They had said that IO and IH Iphone apps will be ready at June! Guess what June, previous year. And guess what! IO app is at beta and IH is... no where! I don't know if IO has Idolised Blizzart but we all know about Diablo 3...
Announced co-op dungeons... No news... Etc.

Another mistake:
They forgot the game! I mean a day's work per month can keep this game alive! Do random events, do double xp or crafting weekends. Do something!

Another mistake:
Ending Beta. This game had 1 million bugs. Now has 100.000 bugs. Who told you that was ready to leave beta?
In fact beta gives you a good excuse about applying new things, have unsolved bugs and do experiments altering each and every aspect of the game.

Another mistake:
Fixing bugs! When you fix a major bug ANNOUNCE IT! A year or more ago the game was giving 2 APs free if you posted to your facebook and 2 APs if you played a game. The office stopped supporting the game and the 2 APs are forgotten for a long time now. After that you had problems with Facebook. NONE knows if you solved them!!! You never announce if a bug is fixed! People don't know if you are working or not. They simple "forget it too".

Another mistake:
Keep broken things visible!
Until recently IO office had another 2 games (Global wars and Galactic Imperia) running. They chose to close them. Guess what! Links to the closed games were visible long after! Players could access them from a drop down menu with company's other games. Only to get an error message!!! Same with other in-game functions. If something is broken you remove it until is fixed. Facebook button and Artillery's button for the 2+2 extra APs are still there. Go check what works... And those are only examples!!!

Final mistake from a long list that I chose to reveal to public is this:
The way you reply!
Check the outrage EA's tech-support has created. Reason? not because they are not polite with the people. It's because they reply "that's the way it is if you like it".
When the forum was populated with CMs their posts were "fixed", "no problem" etc. They didn't share any additional information! Players want to feel that you pay attention to them (and you should). You should listen to them and share as much info as possible.
"There is no problem, because..." You never said something like that! You disappoint your costumers that way.

Those are just a few reasons because it stopped be fun.
I would like to add here that these are not only my point of view! All these years of activity at forum I never hid my mail/skype or never declined you the option of pm. Many gamers contacted me all these years. They affected me with their point of view and I affected them with mine. But I can say that the above are a silent uproar from players.

I don't hold any evil thoughts about any of the moderators, trusted members or players.
I am disappointed from the office as general not as individual CMs. With the following exceptions:
>>That programmer who created the "chat". Why? Why? WHY? You couldn't make anything worse!!! Only thing in tech life worse than this is Windows ME! In fact if you play use that chat at Windows ME I believe it will be like divide with 0! or get sucked into a black hole or something!!!

Anyway, back to the me leaving theme.
One important reason I am leaving is my personal ethics. I don't like to be the one who's job is to be in the middle, when the situation is as I described above. The reason is simple. You hear the people's troubles and issues. You filter them. And when the worthy ones are forwarded to the office from you... Nothing. You get the feeling that nothing happens! From the issues that I have forwarded to the office  only 20% were replied! Maybe they are fixed maybe not. I never informed about it. And in fact there are several occasions I had to wait weeks asking every single day until they get bored and reply. All I was getting was "we will have to check it". When? how? who? doesn't matter you will wait for days. In the mean time castles are captured players abandon the game etc.
And the worse part for me is that even if I wait for my issues that's my problem! But what about yours? You want a reply from me! What to say? My usual "I will notify the office", when inside me each day and more, I knew that is like saying to you. "Hold there and wait for support to aid you, when the god enlighten them!". I feel like betraying both you and the office.
Yes, betraying the office! I have to admit that the office supported me in-game and in-forum when I need it. They given to me so much diamonds... I was never in need. But for me when I started the game they were crystal clear,  glamorous diamonds. As the time passed and the interest reduced those diamonds start turning red... Blood red...  Those morally, blood diamonds aren't for me. I don't want them!

To end this topic I will have to say something.
This is a game. But I invested some time to this game! Enough time to can say that I learned a lot from the people here and also contribute somewhat. I saw a lot of my ideas and suggestions applied to game. (Even if some of them were mocked from Oton as outrageous... I am referring to the sound and music applied to IO...) My decision to leave is final. I am thinking that for some time now. And by doing that I feel like I am leaving something behind.

I will not visit this forum again. I will log in to my Crassus_M account one last time to inform my guild member for my decision. And that's it.

Good bye, and good buys.

P.S. Food for though! Global Wars and Galactic Imperia are history...

News / Double Crafting Chance Weekend!
« on: December 21, 2012, 01:16:27 AM »
Happy times are coming for all crafters in the Ayarr Empire!

The Ministry of Vocations announces a Double Crafting Chance Weekend, which will start on Saturday,  December 22nd, 00:00 Server Time (GMT +2) and will end on Monday, December 24th, 00:00 Server Time (GMT +2)!

All Crafting chance during this period will be doubled!

Crafters will know when the weekend starts by the anvil icon, which will appear on their Crafting Menu.

Merry Christmas, heroes!

General Talk / MOVED: sell epic hammer
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:26:13 PM »

News / Double Crafting Chance Weekend!
« on: March 27, 2012, 07:00:26 PM »
This Saturday and Sunday all the heroes' crafting chance will double. The double bonus will be applied to the base chance of all unlocked crafting masteries and Tiers in the main profession.
Heroes will inform themselves when the bonus is active from the hammer and anvil picture, which will appear over the "Crafting" menu.
The double crafting chance will commence at 00:00 on Saturday, March 31, 2012 and will end at 23:59 Server Time (GMT +2) on Sunday, April 1st, 2012.
Good luck, crafters!

Questions / MOVED: Mew sugestion for game!
« on: November 24, 2011, 09:29:04 AM »

Suggestions / More Interaction between players!
« on: October 24, 2011, 10:37:12 AM »
I think I had suggested something like that at the past too...

Well I think at IO there is good level of interaction between players, but not at IH. At IH we (you..)can take the interaction levels to the sky...
Well firstly allow the player to hire heroes! People as other inn keepers will right down their quests. And players will accept them. If your quest and your reward is too high then none will accept it. If you want your quest to be finished some day and not be forgotten from the player, then you can add and a minimum time counter after that you are able to cancel it. Also the reward should be "secured" so you will  have to give it at the moment you create your quest.

Here is an example:
Crassus is looking for 1 legendary short sword lv38. Reward will be 700K gold and 12 light hides. This quest must be finished in 24h.


Crassus is looking for 80 rubies. Reward will be 9K gold and a legendary short sword lv38. This quest must be finished in 72h.

If I will post these quests, then I will "lost" from my account 709K gold and 12 light hides with the item I have selected to give as reward (no bounded items allowed and the item should be visible if someone move the cursor upon the name) plus the game tax. If none have accepted my quests then I can cancel them and take back the rewards. If someone have accept them I must wait the time run out before cancel them. If the time runs out quests are not canceled right away but the quest giver must cancel them manually. Perhaps the other player  needs some more time and asked for... BUT this shouldn't be exploited by guild members or double account players to "store" the items, so a maximum time for the missions should be placed. The longer the max time is the bigger the tax for posting the quest.
Also it's good to link them to the story line quests of the quest giving player, this way if someone needs some resources or item crafting for a quest pay another player to do it for him... But something like that will cost him...

Edit: only gold tax to post the quest is preferred...

Suggestions / Arena?! Let's Fight!
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:12:47 AM »
At the old times of the Empire if someone wanted to challenge someone they were met at Arena and their blood was split on the arena sands... But after some changes the only thing that reminds those glorious days are the ever haunting ghosts of, long gone, heroes... Since the place is totally useless something must happen... So I suggest you lets prepare some tier/level based tournaments among the heroes who will dare to accept the challenge... There must be some reward for the winners...And some achievements... And some bonuses.... And...And... And I believe we should talk about it...

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