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Welcome to the Blood Crystal Era!
« on: December 07, 2010, 05:48:33 PM »
On December 27th, 2010 life in the Ayarr Empire will never be the same. What would the great heroes expect?

1. A new type of items will be introduced - "Blood Ones", which will be colored in red. These items will be crafted with the help of a Blood Crystal, which will be mined. They will have enhanced (50%) bonuses compared to all other crafts (with the exclusion of Range), but they will not be reparable.
2. The Blood Land is expecting all those who desire immortal glory and power - an ancient curse is weighing heavily here, where the Blood Castle is built.
- The Guild which rules the Blood Castle, will be able to grant permissions to all heroes to extract the Blood Crystal from the Mines of Might.
- Once conquered, the Blood Castle will have to be protected from creatures' attacks, which will start every 72 hours, with their strength increasing. These creatures' attacks will not prevent other Guilds to try to siege the Blood Castle in the mean time. If a rival Guild takes over the Castle, the creatures attacks' strength will not be nullified. Creatures attacks' strength will be nullified, only when they retake the Blood Castle.
- When the creatures retake the Blood Castle, all the improvements made by the former ruling Guild will be destroyed.
- All the heroes, who extract the Blood crystal, will pay tax in gold to the ruling guild, which will be calculated as a percentage from the gathered resources. The tax will be refunded back to the hero, if he is successfully robbed and the City Guard has not protected him.
- Instant mining in the Mines of Might will not be possible.
- Hired City Guards will protect only those heroes who are present in the Mines of Might.
3. Crafting Masteries will be changed and further developed:
- A new Crafting Mastery will be introduced, which will be unlocked upon reaching 100 Crafting Points - "Excellent" items will now be crafted. The names of those items will be displayed like the common ones and they will have 1 bonus (former Rare items).
- Rare items will be unlocked at 200 CP and their crafting chance will be Excellent/3. They will have 2 bonuses (former Legendary items). Their coloring will be blue.
- Legendary items will be unlocked at 300 CP and their crafting chance will be Rare/2,5. They will have 3 bonuses (former Epic items). Their coloring will be yellow.
- Epic items will be unlocked at 400 CP and their crafting chance will be Legendary/2. They will have 4 bonuses and those bonuses will be increased compared to former Epic items. Their coloring will be purple.
- A new Crafting Mastery will be introduced - Set Items Crafting. It will be unlocked at 500 CP. Crafted items will be colored in green and their crafting chance will be Epic/3.
- The choice which set item to be crafted will be made preliminary and will be dependent by the item type in the recipe. The hero's current learned recipes will be used for set items crafting only. Set Item crafting chance will be calculated first and after that the chances for Epic, Legendary, Rare and Excellent item types will be calculated. This will allow for a Global Drop Epic Recipe to be crafted, which can be also a Set Item. The crafted Set Item will keep the level of the recipe from which it comes. Thus - the rule that states low Tier levels cannot equip high Tier levels - will remain valid.
4. Attribute Gemstones and Coal will be divided into sub-types, regarding their Tiers, with every 3 Tiers will have new sub-type. Recipes for Gemstones processing will be changed accordingly.
This means:
- Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will have:
Crude Opal
Crude Agate
Crude Topaz
Crude Emerald
Crude Moonstone
Lignite Coal
- Tiers 4, 5 and 6 will have:
Common Opal
Common Agate
Common Topaz
Common Emerald
Common moonstone
Flame Coal
- Tiers 7, 8 and 9 will have:
Precious Opal
Precious Agate
Precious Topaz
Precious Emerald
Precious Moonstone
Forge Coal
5. Storyline Quest rewards will be completely revamped. Heroes will receive much better rewards, if they manage to complete the Storyline Quests without moving into higher Tier.
6. Three new No Man's Lands, awaiting their new Overlords.
7. New Storyline quests in which the heroes will face new mysterious enemies, as well as familiar encounters.