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Re: Reacro regula
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Because this forum desperately needs some spam… :)

Once upon a time there was a firefighter-moose who was a mythical figure in the world. He was a real hero in shiny armor. Kids were loving and worshipping him and all the girls were in love. The best thing was that not only was he a very brave man; he was also a very great dancer! He got himself some very close friends who were living in a galaxy far far away. The girl was a true fiery amazone who made the hearts of men beat faster and faster before she pierced them. Feared by many, loved by some but admired by almost everyone. She fell in love with a man who was not very famous, except by the people who ever encountered him. They were terrified. For this man knows no mercy. The girl was very happy with him because deep inside he was a very loving and caring person. The three friends explored many distant land and made many friends. At some point in their lives they decided to take it easy for a while, settle down and be surrounded by the friends who they encountered on their journeys. Famous and infamous people from all over the world joined their little peaceful retirement settlement. Mystics and warriors, rangers and duckies, everyone was welcome. The great master of the Dark Side was one of them, just like the famous singer of beer-songs. There was the greatest tiger tamer of all times, the very tiny armor-crafter and many big-mouthed creatures from all walks of life. The little settlement is thriving, it’s a prosperous time. And they lived happily ever after… or not?

... No they did not! Otherwise the story would end too briefly. And the king's taxcollector wouldn't have besieged the settlement just because the wiseman's son refused to pay a 2.99E7 gold pieces fee for raising an ARMADILLO (Amazingly Rare Magic Ayarr Dragon Inheritted Legally by Lord Owenn) without permission from the local authorities.
And just when villagers were getting desperate from their BAB diet, an old friend (actually that's just an expression, cos' she was quite young) of his came to the village. She had been away from the village for so long, that almost noone could remeber her. Just as noone could remeber the taste of ham (yes, that's why I said a BAB and not a BHAB diet before). So, in her sword and fiery temper, the villagers seeked help and protection against the taxcollectors' evil schemes and attempts to raid the village. Ofcourse she agreed to help them.
But first she decided to tell them a short story, describing one of her many advantures far away from the village, fighting monsters or searching for powerful artefacts noone has ever heard about before. And so, having everyone's full attention, she started her story:

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Re: Reacro regula
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And so the story begins… every man, woman, child, moose, tiger and duck of the little village takes a seat around the campfire. Even the Shadowlurker who never smiles was there… hiding in the shadows… He had a strange look on his face as if he was expecting this… as if he knows what she is going to tell the little village… as if he forsees the inevitable…

“I once was a little girl, dreaming of traveling the world.” She said, looking every person around the fire in the eyes. “So, at one day, I decided it was time… I packed my bag, said goodbye to all the people in the village where I grew up, and just started walking. Luckily within a few days I met very special people who taught me how to survive in the big hostile world. Some of you are here and I can’t put in words how happy that makes me!” She smiled and looked straight at the Shadowlurker who hurried to lower his eyes… “I want to tell you this story because I’m afraid dark times are ahead…” everyone around the fire was holding their breath… no sound was made…