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Brainstorm ideas:
« on: December 16, 2010, 11:07:02 PM »
Atm, the so called "Imperial City" Capital of the hole Ayarr Empire and the biggest city in the game,
have it's own Province, yeat it have less or equal to Gunar Province's town-shops.. ( "Marine-" something )

Here's a number of improvement suggestions:

1) Why make it like a normal province and "populate" it's Province-map with dungeons?

like 1 dungeon at the small lake, 2 at the north-east Forest, 1 at the south Bridge
- 1 at the marsh like area just east of the "Destination Arrow" to  Great Winds Province.

they could all be like Tier 5 +

2) slice the Capital in five sections:

five section, A part:
located south/ south-east, the " High Tier area "  primarly to Tier 4+

one Potion-shop, the only Hospital-building, two Armor-shops ( Tier 5 & 6 )
 two Weapon-shops ( Tier  5& 6 )  and the only Tavern ( with Tier 5 quests  )

five section, B part:
located east , the " Low Tier area "  primarly Tier 1-3

one Potion-shop (Tier 2), two Amor-shops (Tier 2 & 3) , two Weapon-shops (Tier 2 & 3)

five section, C part:

located North, North-East, the " Goverment Area "

this area would contain a "Goverment Building" where Guild Leaders come to chat in:

Here, the leaders of all guilds ( Tier 1-2 have their own Chat, while Tier 3-4 have theirs etc. )
 -would talked about  politics & war , like  peace negociations etc)

in this section-area, you could build House in.

five section, D part:

located west, south-west. the "Arena / Black Market" section.

obviously, the Arena-building would be here, along with a "Casino" ( Inn ) where you could gamble gold in:
basicly just transfer the "gamble options" into the Inn.
five section, E part:
 the  "Black market"
 -> would be the dark houses located West on the "close-view" section on the City.

(located between "the Arena" & "the Goverment Area"

Here, in a building, you would be able to buy a service called simply "Spy";

each day, you can to pay a certain number of Gold , like lvl 10 = 1000 gold, lvl 20= 2000 gold.
( based on enemy's lvl )

example/ suggestion:
a lvl 10 player wants revenge on annother lvl 10 player, for looting him:
he press the "Spy" option, which would cost 1000 gold and allow the Player to see:

the enemy Player's current HP & MP
the enemy player's Merc HP & MP
where the Player is / or where is going.

*and remove the current "Follow Hero" option.

the Black Market should have it's own Potion-shop,Armor-shop & Weapon-Shop with:

~ the Weapon& Armor -shops have random Tier generated items
~ generaly better items then normal Shops, but allot more expensive

(( Note: the Big Castle in the middile shouldn't be anything, coz that's the Emperor's palace ))

3)  There's like allways a "Cult of Darkness" , Renegades or some bandit group.. in ALL Provinces lol??
    Could there atleast be one Province without this.. ??..

annother idea is  creat some sort of  "World Events" examples:

*Vikings "invades" ( replaces the bandits ) in Falar-Province

*Barbarians ( replacing the Marauders/Heretics with a new "Barbarian monster"/humanoid enemy" )
 who had migrated from the South / East.

temporarly evens, for like a month or a week:

" a Plauge devestates the ----- province's population and all Potions/food cost 25% more"
   " the local Gouvenour is fighting the Bandits/Pirates and needs all Potions/food, they cost 50% more"
  " Pirates / Vikings have set a blockade on the province's town, all items cost 100% more. 

why are Bulls with Turtles in the same dungeons at the "Great Wind Province" shoreline wtf ??
or Wolves with Tigers in Sonoria..

It's like  havning a Corcodile in the North Pole... something very unreal and just silly..

i hope the admins see i want to help and find something!
im aware i might get banned form the Forum for life... just wanted to give some ideas.

// cheers
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Re: Brainstorm ideas:
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2010, 06:30:07 AM »
If you ask me, I like it. Especially the Black Market thingie. :)

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Re: Brainstorm ideas:
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2010, 10:45:52 AM »
Also like Black market ideas .... NEW ideas which can make game more funny *hihi*


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Re: Brainstorm ideas:
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2010, 09:20:17 PM »
Also i like idea for Black Market will make more funny this game because too many players gave up from this game from that loots.

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Re: Brainstorm ideas:
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2011, 09:53:27 AM »
There are some Really good ideas here I must say.. Particularly The idea of expanding the Imperial city is very interesting (not the dungeons part but the city), we will think about that for future changes..

The part for world events - we are already planning such module, which will have Even bosses and so on.. Any idea in this direction would be considered since the idea is to have different event rather than repeating ones.. The newspaper Imperial news will also be expanded to give more info for the world and that would be the place to announce such world events...