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Regarding robbery
« on: January 11, 2011, 07:23:51 PM »
I noticed for some time now a problem, I would say a bug, with robbery option. I'll try to explain. If resource gathering heroes are guarded by a guild members, guard heroes as well as diggers have "two crossed swords icon. That means that the gameplay allows these guards to be attacked. If I attack a guard, however, even if he/she is nude with earrings only, my band (hero, along with mercenaries) appear dead in safe place. Without point taken and without your recorded loss in the robbery statistics, etc.

A recent example is today in Falar. One digger with a guard hero. I attacked the guard and described above happened. I repaired myself and my staff and this time attacked the digger. I fought first with guard hero, followed by digger. As it should be. They lost btw.

The question is about the robbery logic itself? If the game concept does not allow guard hero/es to be attacked directly - which is reasonable, because "before" the robbers slew them down first, then the diggers - why guard heroes still have "two crossed swords"?
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