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No Man's Lands Now Could Be Civil!
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:15:32 PM »
These are the new rules of engagement in all No Man's Lands

They will be applied for all dungeons in the No Man's Provinces, not only for their towns, as it was until now.
The laws which the Ruler Guild will be able to enforce, are three:

1. No Law
- The Ruler Guild applies absolutely no law whatsoever in the province's dungeons and town. That means everyone can engage everyone, without the Town Guard getting involved.
2. Ruler Guild Protection
- If a member of the Ruler Guild is engaged by other player, the Town Guard will attack the aggressor.
- The rules of engagement between any other players, which are not members of the Ruler Guild remain the same as in 1.
3. Civilized Province
- A player who engages other players in the province's dungeons and town is flagged as a "Outlaw". This flag will be visible for all the heroes, present in the dungeon or in town, and will be active for 48 hours.
- The Town Guard will attack every "Outlaw" who enters the province's town.
- The "Outlaw" can be engaged by all heroes, without any penalties.
- If the "Outlaw" goes to a different province, owned by the aggressed hero's Guild, the Town Guard will engage him. So can all other heroes.
- The Ruler Guild can issue a tax in gold upon all the resources that are mined in a province, which is in "Civilized" mode.
- Members of the Ruler Guild are forbidden to attack other heroes in the province.

Calculation of the mining tax in a Civilized Province

1. The hero, who will mine certain resource, deposits a sum of gold to the Ruler Guild, which is equal to the maximum possible amount of resources for any given AP amount, multiplied by the average resource auction price for the previous day. The gold must be present in the hero's purse, in order to be deposited.
2. If the hero has not managed to extract the maximum possible amount of resource, the difference will be refunded to him, and everything else will be added to the Ruler Guild's Treasury.
3. If the hero is engaged during his mining, his entire gold deposit will be refunded to him, meaning - the Ruler Guild will not receive anything.
4. The tax amount can vary between 0% and 30% from the base sum, as it is in 1.


The hero wants to mine Coal for 30 Action Points, which mining amount is 2-4 and its average auction price for the previous day was 200, with the Mining Tax set to 30%.
The maximum possible amount of extracted Coal will be 120.
Meaning, the deposit will be (120x200)x30%=8000 Gold.
If the hero manages to mine 100 Coal, the Ruler Guild will receive 6000 Gold, and 2000 Gold will be refunded to the miner.