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Work on Imperial Hero 2.0 has begun!
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:18:21 PM »
It is with great pleasure that the Imperial Hero Team announces we are working hard on 2.0 version of the game!

The upcoming changes are way too many: visual, functional and gameplay wise.
An entirely new, much more functional vision is awaiting all the Ayarr heroes, many new modules, improved old ones and so on. All these features will be deployed in January 2012. We know the date seems far-fetched, so we have decided to divide the new features in two parts and to bring joy to your hearts with small bits of Imperial Hero 2.0 pretty soon! This will give you an idea of how big and fundamental are things to come, and will also breathe life into the game.

What will we deploy on August 22nd, 2011:

An “Imperial Hero” title – a new, ground-braking concept, the culmination of the game for each hero. After reaching level 69, the players will have the opportunity to take on a story line quest, whose reward will be the privilege to reset their heroes and to receive a unique permanent bonus:

 1. The choice is between two bonuses – Crafting or Fighting.

 - The Crafting Bonus will grant one additional bonus for all the legendary and epic crafted items – so legendary crafts will have 4 and epic ones will have 5 bonuses.
 - The Fighting Bonus will add 1 coefficient to one of the heroes’ primary attributes. (Example: A warrior with a coefficient to the Strength will have 2,5, instead of 1,5 redistribution bonus)
 - Each hero can reset 2 times and, thus, receive the two bonuses! (two titles)
 2. Upon resetting the hero will receive a special achievement, called “Imperial Hero”, which will be forever visible in his profile.
 3. The heroes will receive 500 Action Points upon resetting.
 4. Experience is nullified and heroes start from level 1.
 5. All Crafting Points are nullified except those, achieved in Crafting Tier 1.
 6. Attribute Points and Skills are nullified upon resetting and heroes will be able to choose the same hero class or try a different one.
 7. Achievements from previous hero classes will remain and new will be added, if the heroes make them.
 8. Gold, items, Diamonds, Guild and Premium memberships will remain after the reset (some of the features will be corrected to respond to Tier 1, where necessary)
 9. Mercenaries will be kept, where they can be used again, when the hero reaches the respective level.
 10. Items, which were equipped on the hero, will be moved into his cache (Don’t forget to collect them!) and will be usable again, when the hero reaches the required level.

Concept for City Guards management will be changed. City Guards will now be Guild Mercenary Army.

 1. City Guards management will be moved from the No Man’s Lands Castles to Guilds HQs. From there the Guards can be sent to Castles, if necessary. The “City Guards” building will continue to determine the Castle’s Guards Garrison. Guards must be the same Tier as Castle’s.
 2. The number of City Guards groups, which the Guild can own (no matter the Tier) depends on the level of the building, which will manage them in the Guild HQ (a new building).
 3. The Guilds, who currently possess City Guards at the moment, will not suffer from the lack of such building, but if they lose a Castle, and they don’t have such building developed in their HQ, they will lose all their guards. (therefore it is vital for everyone to develop this building as soon as possible, no matter if they have already hired City Guards).
 4. After Outpost or Castle is lost, the Guards will not perish, but will be moved to the Guild HQ. This will make them reusable.
 5. Guards will be also used for a mercenary army (up to 20 groups) for attacking enemy Castle or Outpost. This army must be placed in the attacking Castle or Outpost, so it can participate into the battle.
 6. Moving Guards between Castles and Outposts will take time, which will not be decreased at all.
 7. Guards will be trained in a special building in the Guild HQ, where, after a payment is made, they can be upgraded. Upgrading their Tier will not be allowed.

Re-balancing of many of the existing modules:

1. Generated Action Points amount in Tiers 6 and 7 is increased -  36 and 48 per day respectively.
2. The Blood Castle becomes Tier 7, Tier 6 story line quests for it, will remain unchanged.
3. New prices, levels and bonuses in Outposts and Castles
4. Guild HQ receives more levels and bigger bonuses for its buildings development at upper levels.
5. Castle and Outpost Walls will have 50% hitpoints.
6. Towers price in gold is increased.
7. Prices of City Guards building are changed (price is increased, the price-increasing formula is decreased).
8. City Guards structure is changed, each level allows  1-2 groups: 1-10 – 1, 11-20 – 2 (total of 30)
9. Last levels of Weapons and Armor Shops, which generate Epic and Set items will be improved, so they offered a guaranteed high quality items for sale (epic items will be generated from blue and yellow recipes, set items – from at least legendary recipes).
10. Attribute Potions shop will be improved, levels and bonuses of the potions are increased at each level.
11. Upon upgrading recipe shops, previous Tier recipes for sale will remain.
12. Strength attribute will increase the damage inflicted with 1% at every 6 points (now is 4) and will have a maximum limit of 150%.
13. New high Tier sets
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