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the extensive SKILLS review, buff/nerf/change/ post
« on: November 03, 2011, 07:50:29 PM »
i want to write my opinions on some IH skills. i will explain why i think some skills are useless, some are overpowered and some are underpowered , and suggest a buff/nerf/change to some of them.

universal skills:

1. Slayer- a terrible skill: why would we want to choose the strongest opponent to fight? obviously its much better to kill the weaker opponents first and the strongest last. this skills makes no sense. fighting the strongest opponent first makes the battle longer, and the hero and merc receive much more damage. i suggest either changing the skills altogether, or buffing it. for example: "Increases the chance for selecting the strongest opponent to fight during battle. if the strongest opponent is selected, all attacks against it have a + 3-15 more chance to critical hit"

2. Hardening- useless skill.  durability is not an issue at all. what the purpose of this skill? to reduce the cost of repair? to have t1 players continue at the dungeon after hero dies but battle is still won? suggestion 1- "increases the durability of items by a certain % (1-20) (including blood items) and reduces the damage taken by 1% per skill level" suggestion 2: "absorbs a certain % of damage taken by hero 1-10, damage is taken out from the spirit points instead of life"

3.Explorer- under powered. suggestion:increase the bonus slightly. 5-12-18-26-38

4.Pillaging- under powered. suggestion:have it apply when looting, challenging and maybe even during guild wars.

now, class specific skills:


1. Charge- seriously under powered. suggestion:"Very powerful attack in the first round of the battle, in which certain fixed amount of damage points is added. this attack always hits"

2.Raging Charge- same, under powered. make it always hit, or significantly increase damage. since these skills are only at first round, if they are blocked or evaded, this makes them useless.

3.Crushing Blow- under powered. realtivel low damage bonus, and a terrible condition in form of 50% decrease. suggestion: either increase the damage, and/or decrease the chance to hit penalty.

4.Deflect Arrows- under powered, makes no sense. suggestion: remove the melee penalty.

5.frenzy- under powered, especially at lower levels. suggestion: increase to 2-4-6


1.Critical Hit- over powered. rangers already have high dexterity, and a lot of weapons also have crit hit bonus. suggestion: nerf this to 1%-7%

1.Herbal Knowledge- under powered to the point of uselessness. why waste skill points on this when u can just use potions to heal? does the only point of this is to save money? suggestion: "Health's faster regeneration, and regenerate a small amount of health per combat round" suggestion 2:"Health's faster regeneration, a % chance to remove poison and blind"

2.Burning Arrow- slightly under powered: suggestion: increase damage bonus.

3.Headshot- same as the warriors charge- since this is a one time used skill, make it always hit, or at least add a chance to hit bonus. otherwise its a waste. however, it is still slightly over powered. unlike the warrior's raging charge,  this skill has 10 level. suggestion: reduce this to 6 levels, make it always hit.

4.Ignore Armor- slighlty under powered. suggestion: increase damage bonus a little.

5. Javelin Veteran- under powered. suggestion: increase the rounds for 2-4-6


1.Fountain of Spirit- same as herbal knowledge. under powered to the point of uselessness. why invest points in this when we can use spirit potions? only purpose is to save money? sugestion1: add: increase the maximum spirit points with a %. suggestion 2: add a small sipirt recovery per battle round.

2. Counterattack- this is a very strange skill, and pretty useless for mystics. this makes sense on guardians, but whats the purpose of this on a mystic? a.they already have high agility and evade most attacks. b. they use a staff mostly, and rarley use shields. c. if they do use shields then obviously they use dagger, knives, which have low dmg, so the counter attack bonus is minor. suggestion: remove this skill completely and change it with something else. this skill fits the guardian, makes no sense on mystics.

3.Mystical Whirlwind- slightly under powered. while the fury warrior skill whirlwind and the hunter skill volley have 50% of weapons dmage adter 1st round, this skills offer 40%. why 10% less? suggestion: buff it to 50% like the other skills

4.Inner Spirit- slightly over powered. suggestion: decrease the bonus.

5.Remove Poison- under powered to the point of uselessness. poison is not a big issue altogether. at lower level it has some use, but this skill is only available at level 15, and there are much better choices for investing skill points. so even if it usefull at low levels, its irrelivent at higher levels. i suggest removing ot changing it completely.

6.Divine Bless- this is a strange skill that needs work. seems to affect all the skills, but theres is no indication to whether or not it gives bonus to skills such as inner concentration, and staff mastery. b. sometimes, during battle, it shows the skills are increase by more than what they should be. c. there's a tier limit for skills. it wont increase them beyond that limit. suggestion: work on this skill, make it clear when and on what it applies.

7.Weakness- this skill is unclear. it reduces the strength of opponents, but it doesn't seem to affect their damage. (correct me if im wrong). since strength adds to damage, it makes sense if this skill will reduce the damage accordingly. currently, it seems that it only affects the chances to negate the block chance, which makes it pretty useless. suggestion: have it reduce the opponents damage.

thats pretty much what i have in mind at the moment. im sure there are things i forgot. i might change it in the future.
leave feedbacks, if you agree/disagree, and of course if im wrong on anything please correct me. cheers!

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Re: the extensive SKILLS review, buff/nerf/change/ post
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2011, 06:27:50 PM »
i got messages about the counter attack skills for mystics: firstly, of course i know a staff can block, but how many times does a mystic block in an average battle? of course it depends on the strength of the opponent and the block chance, but a mystic will always evade more than block. in battles against warriors , mystics rarely block, sometimes they dont block the entire battle, so this skill doesnt apply. some would say, its good against stalkers/hunters, coz they normally have lower strength and cant negate blocks like warriors, but the problem with that, and with fighting against other mystics, is that they have high agility, so even if the mystics blocks and counter attacks, they evade the counter attack. so: a. mystics rarely block. b. even if they block, most of the time the counter attack is evaded.