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Storyline rules and logic in Imperial Hero
« on: November 24, 2009, 04:17:39 PM »
These are the rules and logics of the Storyline quests in Imperial Hero.

In each province of the Ayarr Empire, there are dungeons, different from the other combat zones. They are called Multi Stage Dungeons, and they are marked with a skull icon on the map.

Multi Stage Dungeons are the places which contain several stages. The hero must destroy all the enemies on his way, in order to reach the last stage where he will face much stronger enemy, which – if killed- will drop a much better reward.
In order to access these Multi Stage dungeons, hero must accept the so called “Storyline” quest, from the town tavern in the relevant province.

1. Each town tavern in the main provinces of the Ayarr Empire offers Storyline quests which heroes can accept. Storyline quests represent a couple of steps (or tasks, missions, however you like to call them), which are related to each other with some kind of a story. After completing one step of the Storyline quest, hero automatically receives the next one.

2. To accept a certain Storyline quest, the hero must have reached a certain level of his development.
The logic is as follows:

-   Storyline quest in Tier 1 province: Hero must be from 5 to 9 level.
-   Storyline quest in Tier 2 province: Hero must be from 10 to 19 level.
-   Storyline quest in Tier 3 province: Hero must be from 20 to 29 level.
-   Storyline quest in Tier 4 province: Hero must be from 30 to 39 level.
-   Storyline quest in Tier 5 province: Hero must be from 40 to 49 level.

3. In order to access any of the Multi Stage Dungeons, hero must reach the appropriate step of the Storyline, which gives him a task in this exact area. Before reaching certain steps of the Storyline, hero cannot enter the Multi stage dungeon.

4. Only in Multi Stage Dungeons hero can enter accompanied by other players (still under development).

5. Hero cannot be attacked by other players in Multi Stage Dungeons, no matter if he is in a Dangerous province or not.

6. Multi Stage Dungeon remains open to the hero, even if he has completed the Storyline quest and while he is in the same Tier of the province which is located in the area. What does this mean?

-You accept a Storyline quest of the province which is same Tier as yours. After completing the task in the Multi Stage Dungeon, you can visit it again until your hero reaches the next Tier.
- If you don’t complete the task for the Multi Stage Dungeon, but you reach the next Tier, Dungeon will remain open for you until you complete it.

7. Rewards from tasks in Multi Stage dungeons are significantly greater and valuable than from the rest tasks of the Storyline quest.

8. If the hero dies or goes to town, before completing the task in the Multi Stage Dungeon, then he must start the task from the beginning. That means that the task in the Multi Stage Dungeon is considered as completed, when hero has reached the final Stage and has killed the Leader of the Dungeon.

9. After hero has successfully completed a Storyline quest, except of the rewards from it, he also receives a title, which is unique for the Storyline.