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WTS - Crafted items
« on: July 21, 2009, 12:53:15 PM »
i can made sapphire oak shield... that mean a tier2 lvl 18 light shield with 160 defense +8 power... but i'm a tanner and for this is need 4 crafted oak, 3 medium hides and a sapphire gem, if is anybody interested then (i need the gem because i can't have it)
1. give me the sapphire gem(or just a sapphire, not crafted yet) and i make the shield for only 1500 gold:)
2. give me the sapphire (or just a sapphire, not crafted yet) and the oak and i will make for you only for 800 gold:)(400 is the lowest price for the crafted oak on market) 
for the details just send me a message in game to apofisz
if you have only a sapphire it will be ok, i can ask my guild mate to craft for free:), this is a gift from me:P
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