Author Topic: About Restart Rules, Conditions and Modality.  (Read 2219 times)

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About Restart Rules, Conditions and Modality.
« on: August 09, 2013, 11:30:25 AM »
Here in this topic everything about restart rules and modalities will be explained.

Rules and Conditions:

-Each player can get at maximum 2 bonuses: 1 to the attributes and 1 to the crafting.
-If a player choose the same bonus twice, the second one will replace the first one (for example if I choose the bonus to vitality and I restart again
 choosing the bonus to the agility, the one to vitality will disappear and the one to agility will remain, if the crafting bonus is chosen twice, the
 second time nothing will happen).
-A character can be restarted as many times as it is wanted.


It's needed to:
-Reach the 69th level (completing the 69th level experience isn't needed).
-Accomplish all steps of the story "For the Empire" that will be unlocked and will be available to Imperial City Tavern once reached the 69th level.
-Get all rewards of the story.
-Go to the hero menu and click on "restart" like it's shown into the photo below:

-Choose the bonus you want and the new class from the menu and in the end click on the "restart" like it's shown into the photos below.

Congratulations! Now your account is restarted and you have received 500 APs besides the ones you had before the restart that you keep.

Notes and Suggestions:

-You will receive as a reward from a step of the story "For the Empire" some special t3 items according to your class that you can use after reset.
 They will allow you to level up quicklier because of their strenght, so keep them.
-Given that the current APs you have before restart are kept after the restart, collect as many as you can.
-Don't forget to dismiss the mercenaries you hired after restart to get back the ones that you had from before the restart and that had disappeared ,
 because when you reach their tier, you will need as many free spots as the number of mercs you kept when you restarted otherwise they won't come back.

That's all. IH Team hopes it will be useful.
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