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Moncler Enfant 'Sasha
« on: May 21, 2015, 02:32:32 PM »
html template two hundred and eighteenth chapter fled in panic Xiao wind suddenly crit, extremely fast, even three killed, nor do react subconsciously foot slipped, a lazy Lvda Gun, sprang toward the next. Black as ink dragon dagger, roared out in the three killed neck, brought up a bunch of Occult Blood, severely inserted in the ground. Dagger tail filaments, gently shaking ...... Xiao wind body rolling on the ground a few times, Kankan stabilize, the first time looked toward the next three killed. When his eyes slowly stood up three touches to kill, his eyes flashed a desperate final blow, lost the battle! Three hearts to kill the same horror, he did not expect, Xiao wind eventually broke out in such a fierce blow! Had he responded a little faster,Moncler Doudoune, and that his neck would be a dagger to wipe off! Three killed neck warm feeling, while burning pain came, one smoke a smoked. Raised his hand and rubbed his hands full of blood, red glare ...... Xiao wind reluctantly shook his head, is tonight really day to destroy him? He dragon dagger, how many times to get rid of enemies in the woods, and I did not expect tonight but failed! He said he did not know the bad luck, good luck to kill or three short, lost the battle is lost, and lost the battle was going to die. 'You hurt me.' Triple play voice still hoarse, husky in a surge of anger suppressed. 'I should kill you.' Xiao wind same can not be reconciled, if heyday, he would not have become so embarrassed! 'You have no chance.' Triple play, then down, the body robe agitation among the body has disappeared from the place, the moment came to the front of Xiao wind itself. 'Damn!' Xiao wind roar loudly, brewing since the last power of the body, toward the three bombers to kill. 'Bang' is heard, two people fist strike again, Xiao wind hit fly out, three killed just take a step back. 'Snapped', Xiao wind hit the roadside grass, roll a few times, coughed up blood and struggled to sit up: 'Damn, fat, and you do not come back, that I really have to give up corpses!' Three Xiao kill a step toward the wind, he moved very slow, kind of sharp momentum, let Xiao wind vigilant, but do nothing. He has no strength of a war, the only stand waiting for death coming. 'A wind!' Suddenly, a voice sounded hurried and anxious, Xiao wind suddenly looked up. The next second, Xiao wind rushed over the dragon watching Shakespeare, revealing smile:!? 'How do you back,' 'Do not you kill him,' Xiao Long Shakespeare did not answer the wind, but with open arms, stand in the wind Hsiao front. 'Jie Jie ......' devil mask after issuing several more weird laughter:!. 'You must die,' 'I have to call the police, the police immediately went to the' Dragon Lufthansa suppressing frightened, washed three killed roared. Xiao wind sitting on the lawn, smile more bitter, and the police? Such as the police came, estimated their bodies were cold now! Looked up at the stand in front of their own dragon Lufthansa, hearts filled moved. 'Ahem.' Xiao wind and coughed up blood: 'Sasha,