Author Topic: D-Day!!! The opened Beta of Hero 2.0 begins!  (Read 7547 times)

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D-Day!!! The opened Beta of Hero 2.0 begins!
« on: February 04, 2015, 07:23:38 PM »
After the long wait, D-Day has come!  *YAHOO* What was promised, has been done!

I am happy to announce that Imperial Hero 2.0 is opening gates!  ;) Today, 4th February 2015, starts the long awaited Beta.
The game is not yet in its final version but the basic functions are already working, while at the same time we continue working over the rest of it in full force. Be critical, but have in mind that we are tirelessly working every day and new features will be constantly appearing. In several weeks' time we will have reached the functionality of the old game, only to overpass it soon after that with a much richer content (you will see a lot of new features yet in the first province...)

Now let me give you some quick advice/information:

1. I'd advise all old players to log in the new game and to save their user names, even if they are not thinking of playing it yet  ;), because later these user names could be taken and there is no way we can transfer them automatically. The login will be via Facebook but I cannot give you a definite time – it will be either by the end of today (or in the early hours of tomorrow :D ), so please, do check from time to time...

2. Next week there will be a mass news in the old game, together with instructions on how to transfer diamonds form there into the new game (diamonds won't disappear from Hero 1.0, they will just be cloned multiplied x3 in Hero 2.0 as well; and no, the transfer from the alliance treasuries will not be allowed  ;) ).

3. Furthermore, there will be a considerable diamond bonus for all those who start playing by the end of this week  ;) 

4. Diamonds in this version are cheaper than the old ones – when we activate the payment system you will be receiving approximately 3 times as much diamonds, for the same amounts of money as before.


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