Author Topic: New Border Battle parties  (Read 5846 times)

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New Border Battle parties
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:15:56 AM »
Since the new Contested Province code has been implemented ALL battles are the SAME in the SAME ORDER for  ALL Factions Battles.

Some parties are old characters, from Left-to-Right Battle code.
Some parties created and left without armor or weapons (1 attack points)

The "protect the province" database settings need to be reset for all provinces.

The battle code should pick better matched parties, NOT the lowest.
As lvl39 with 30K+ attack points for Haroda Faction:
against Sonaria the highest party attack score is 3-4000, the average is 2-3000.
against Farolin the higest party attack is 6-7000, the average is 2-3000.
they are ALWAYS the SAME parties
they are ALWAYS in the SAME ORDER
different provinces for the same Faction have EXACTLY THE SAME party and order

It is my feeling that some "alt characters" have purposely been left on the other factions to defend the borders, just to make is easy for another faction to win.

At  the moment there is now way for me to loose a Contested Province Battle, even in a lvl60 province. Considering I am only now lvl39, and Rank 109 in PvP, after 20 battles there should be others "Defending the Border" that are better matched