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« on: September 12, 2009, 03:22:16 AM »
New modules will be introduced that will completely change the gameplay.

 - In each Tier there will be a province (or several provinces) which are called "dangerous" - players will be able to attack one to another in them.
 - The restriction is for fighting players to be in the same level Tier.
 - PvP battles will reduce the durability of the players' items.
 - Players will be able to attack only the ones that dig for resources in certain dungeon.
 - There will be a timer for digging, which may increase over the maximum yield, if the option "hard digging" is selected.

 - If the character is defeated during the digging, the system will calculate how much should be dug during the elapsed time and will give it to the winner, as well as 10% of the gold the defeated player is carrying.

 - Resources quantities in all provinces will be limited, but in the "unsafe" provinces they will be 50% more and 50% greater will the chances be for digging than in other "safe" provinces.

 - Certain buildings in the cities, as well as dungeons, will be removed - the idea is the player not to be able to sustain himself in one single province.

 - The Bank will be transformed into a vault, where players will keep their gold for a fee.

 - Parties will be available for multi-staged dungeons only.
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Re: announcements
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2009, 11:44:27 AM »
Expected dangerous provinces for various Tiers:

Tier 2 - 1 Dangerous Province / Haroda /
Tier 3 - 2 Dangerous Provinces
Tier 4 - 3 Dangerous province
Tier 5 - Only 1 Safe Province
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2009, 01:34:09 PM »
Incoming Auction Changes:

 - The player's offers can be extended for a certain fee.
 - There will be a "Compare Equipment" button with which the player will be able to compare the item he wants to bid on with his current equipped one.
 - A new bidding step will be introduced - the player will have to pay 10% of the base item price in order to bid for that item.
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2009, 03:47:05 PM »
 - Mercenaries' Tiers will now be upgraded at the Healers.
 - The upgrade price will be in gold and will be calculated as the base hiring price for the consecutive Tier.
 - The Tier Upgrade will be conducted in the Healers, as the mercenary will receive the Healer's Tier.
 - Healers will only resurrect and heal mercenaries which are their Tier.


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Re: Announcements
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2009, 04:53:00 PM »
Market for diamonds - gold.
The price will be determined by supply and demand.


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Re: Announcements
« Reply #5 on: October 07, 2009, 11:45:46 AM »
is possible to challange chosen hero. in statistics is new icon (2 crossed swords). challenge rules are same like in challenge menu (+/- 4 levels, same tier)


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Re: Announcements
« Reply #6 on: November 06, 2009, 02:01:53 PM »
We know their faces now!

Couple of media have managed to take pictures of the new enemies of the Ayarr Empire, as they were caught involved into recreational activities by the Bulgarian Black Sea this summer.
Presenting the "Bad News" for all the imperial heroes, the bad guys that will stalk and prey upon everybody in dungeons, abandoned castles, dark places, etc. - the Tier 4 NPC Humanoids!

Dark Ranger Stalker

Dark Fury Warrior

Dark Fury Warrior Archer

Dark Follower Archer

Dark Follower

Dark Ranger

Soon in your province too!
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2009, 06:35:13 PM »
new story line is implemented. this time its tier 4


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Re: Announcements
« Reply #8 on: December 18, 2009, 02:31:32 PM »
Everwhite Province

The Ayarr Empire ceases to exist here.

Its end is both geographical and cultural.
The lands of the Everwhite Province are always frozen and extremely cold. Sharp tall cliffs pierce the heavy grey sky, the northern, neverending winds can literarly rip the flesh off your bones and kill you within several minutes, no matter how well equipped you are. The sun shows only a few days each year.
Locals have a saying: “If there is a hell and it is frozen, we are the ones that live in it.” And they are right – the environment is so harsh and extreme, it can hardly be described as a reality. And, thus, the legends are born.
Legends of giant monsters, roaming the distant northern white fields. Legends of nightmarish creatures, with human bodies and wolf heads. Legends of fierce barbarians hunting ghosts that look like giant cats.
Centuries ago, only the strongest of Ayarr Empire mystics were sent here, to the Snow Tower, to complete their training and receive their first battlestaff. They had to perform The Final Walk – a challenge in which the mystic has to climb Mount Blizzard and remain there for six months. Without food and equipment, only one in ten made it back. The Snow Tower is gone now, engulfed by the merciless North.

This land has its own life, its own pulse. It has nothing to do with the normal life in the Empire.

This land zealously keeps its secrets.
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #9 on: January 20, 2010, 11:06:12 AM »
Imperial Hero, version 1.0: The Era of Chaos

More than two thousand years people believed in an illusion - that Ayarr Empire's greatness can last forever.
More than two thousand years people were born and were dying with the thought of devoting their lives to this greatness, to be part of it.
Alas, this dream died.
It didn’t happen at once though.
Generations after generations, the strenght that was uniting the people around this dream, was getting weaker. And that happened because people let it happen - they didn't believe this dream could ever expire, they didn't think that some of them would want to turn their backs on it, to wish to destroy it, this for which their ancestors had fought for more than two thousand years.
For several generations already, civilization silently watched how - one by one, the bastion of light and knowledge, strenght and spirit - collapsed, dimmed by the darkness.
Blackness, forgetfulness and emptyness slowly but certainly were paralyzing the souls of the Imperial citizen.
Fear started taking over the people.
And where fear reigns,the appearance of grudge, envy, malice, rage and hate begin to haunt.
And so, people started suffering.
Foul cults, bandit gatherings, fetid sacrifitial pits, black shrines and many other dark human organizations began to form on the Ayarr land's face, staining it like ever-bleeding rotting wounds.
The imperial authority, this bright symbol of the land's greatness, faded away, it turned itself in as a child, frail, weak and unable to challenge the evil forces and to stand against them.
The emperor didn't dare to equip the famiy blade and to go out and fight. Nobody from the great royal families supported him - they have long ago decayed as well.
The state has collapsed.
One by one - the most distant, wild and savage provinces ( Falar, Eternia,Dark Tree Province,The Endless Forest,Cliff Spires Province,Desert of Despair,Prairie Sea and Karaganda Island), separated from the central state authority and started living by their own laws, looking forward their own future.
And, by this time, when despair was dominating, and hope - was dying, the helpless citizens turned to their heroes - those savage and strong men and women, who were crossing the lands, doing wonderfull deeds. They were the last hope of the Impire, before it goes down into eternal darkness and oblivion.
They had to save this dream.

They had to...

But instead, heroes wished to rule this same Land, that begged for their help. They wanted to be the new Sovereigns, to be the ones to distribute the goods between people. They to decide who will rise, or who will fall.. who will live, and who - will die.
They wanted everything. They allied into powerful guilds and reached for the absolute authority in the Imperia.

Mighty fortresses started to erect in the border No Man's Provinces. Flags and war standards, with heroes' emblems started flapping under the winds' forces, stuck high on fortresses' towers. Few dared even to come close to the provinces, where the castles of heroic guilds were placed.
Wonderful workshops, foundries, carpentry camps, shops, treasuries, posts and observation towers surfaced everywhere, demonstrating the military, financial and economical power of the new Ayarr Empire’s Caesars .
It was rumored there was a crystal, discovered on Karaganda Island after the last strong earthquake there. And, as much as this rumor was growing, people were talking that this crystal could be found anywhere, that it could be processed and be used for crafting relics, artifacts, weapons, armor and many other mighty items, possessing power, never seen or heard of.

Was it fate that the places where these crystals could be obtained in No Man's Lands only, undertaken by the heroes, or not - this question would hardly be ever answered.
Whoever owned this crystal, possessed an immense power.

The war between heroes has started - a total, merciless, bloody war.
A war for control over the most precious thing in the Ayarr land - the crystal.
And so, the most black period in the history of the State blessed by the Father has began - The Era of Chaos.
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #10 on: January 25, 2010, 03:33:39 PM »
Falar Province

‘I have had enough’, said the last Falar Province Imperial Governor and issued a decree to separate the province from the Ayarr Empire, proclaiming it Independent Republic of Falar.
The province’s citizens understood him.
Because they have had enough too.
They have had enough of the imperials not caring about anything happening in their home land. They have had enough of the imperial authorities’ greed, corruption and thefts. Hundreds of people had died of hunger during the last couple of years and the central government had not done anything to resolve the problem.
And thus… the once prominent Falar, the “Northern Imperial Jewel”, member of the Marina Guild, providing half of the fish in the Ayarr Empire… crumbled. And when the dust cleared, all the people… have just had enough.
So, fifty years ago, led by their last governor, the Falarians overcame the city hall and the imperial militia barracks, arrested and even killed the imperial government representatives and announced the provincial independence.
But, as almost every dream in life, their freedom did not last long. The imperial authorities did not take the challenge very well
The governor’s decapitated head, along with those of his wife and two children were found in one chilling morning by the servants. Shocked and horrified by the limits the imperial government, the people of Falar decided to abandon the province. For good.
Now Falar, officially a “zone out of the official imperial control”, is one of the most dangerous places in the world. A kind of place the new Empire’s warlord – the heroes – would definitely try to claim as their new home.

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Re: Announcements
« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2010, 01:38:54 PM »
Dark Tree Province Story

‘If you were born in Dark Tree Province, your bow will never miss.’
So say the locals every time you ask them what is like to be Dark Tree citizen.
Indeed, this is the land that gave birth to the most distinguished masters of the bow in the Empire. This is the land that will make an elite archer out of everyone… who is tough enough to survive the numerous challenges that are presented.
According to the legend many of the Black Knight’s elite archers retired from active service and they were given these lands as a reward by the Emperor for their unquestionable loyalty and long years of service.
So, when the soldiers finally settled and established their first community, they decided to leave some kind of legacy to the future generations, so their children and the children of their children would remember their deeds. Soon the outline of the legendary School of Archery began shape. Many were those mesmerized by the possibility of becoming an Elite Archers. Hard were the rites of passage though, so many of those many candidates did not have what it takes to complete the rigorous archery training which lasted for ten whole years.
But there were those, amidst the former imperial soldiers that considered the establishment of the School too pompous and pretentious endeavor. They did not want their names to be remembered, because that was not why the spilled their blood for. They did not want to settle either, believing they will lose their true nature if they hang their bows on the wall. So they left Dark Tree and became Rangers. They scattered across the whole Empire, remaining ever vigilant for foreign threats against the Empire. And they still sparkle the imagination of the young Ranger wannabees.
Thread carefully in this area, though… Things are not what they used to be these days. Dark Tree Province is as unforgiving as it never was towards those who want to reveal its secrets.

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Re: Announcements
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Prairie Sea

Few, half-covered by sand and roasted by the flaming prairie sun stones are what is left from Stone Camp fortress once was.
The desert long time ago has taken over the last administrative center in the Ayarr Empire in this province. At least that is what some people think - those who are far from the events that happened last hundred years.
In any meaning.
But the truth is way much frightful.
Everything has started with the ambition of a young priest named Ivon, who was not pleased from what the Church of Light has turned into. And so he decided to reform it. To make it as he dreamed to see it - to be close to those who believe and to serve everybody, not only those who are rich, privileged, greedy and ambitious.
Alas, the high synod was not disposed well for such ideas, because the status quo was above anything, since it ensured unprecedented luxury, political power and wealth.
So the Clergy's answer was fast and merciless.
And Reverend Ivon was accused of heresy propagation and he was thrown to the Zealots - the militaristic and fanatic religious secret police.
There is not much information about how the priest managed to survive after so many years of silence. But it is known that he finally escaped from the dark dungeon of the church. But something happened. Something broke his soul and changed him. Reverend Ivon decided that the Church of Light was not what it should be anymore. And that it had to be destroyed. Along with all those who believed in this "fake god of the Father".
 Reverend Ivon claimed that the light has been gone, and will never be seen again. The only supremacy above the world and the universe was held by the darkness.
Ivon went to Prairie Sea, because he knew that nobody would disturb him in this savage desert, burned by the flaming sun, and he could form his order - The Cult of Darkness.
The siege at the Stone Camp fortress took exactly... one day. The heretic army passed through the defensive walls of the town like a black plague. They showed no mercy.
So, one hundred years already, the Dark Cult's Cathedral is lifted up, in the middle of the burning in flames desert. Legend says that Darkness gave Reverend Ivon eternal life as a gift, and the leader of the most evil organization in this world is making obscene evil plan to conquest the Ayarr Land.
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Re: Announcements
« Reply #13 on: February 23, 2010, 01:29:47 PM »

Eternia Province

Eternia or “The Eternal Land” as many call it, is a place where you can sense the ancient spirit.
The quiet song of the ancient time, for which there is no history, is spreading over the eternal Northern tundra. Many scholars and historians believe that these places were inhabited by a wondrous nation. It was long before the locals came to dwell these lands. But were not common people like us. They were different. According to myths and legends, these people possessed elemental powers, they controlled the winds, caused storms whenever and wherever they wished to. They were able to raise a mountain to a place where no mountains ever existed, and to dry up whole seas, if they wanted. But they went too far, using their powers. They induced a giant cataclysm that destroyed their powerful civilization.
The Wall – the Dead Volcano, right beside the very northern border of the province, was created from this same ancient nation. And exactly this Volcano erupted and turned its creators into dust.
Legend says that the Wall will erupt again one day… and this time will kill all men. And this will be the end of our world. 
Other people believe that this is the homeland of the nation from which the Father comes. He was the only one who survived after the eruption of the giant volcano. Father hided in a hole in the earth and stayed there one thousand years, until the volcano finally extinguished. When everything was over, he went out of his hiding place and created the world again. This is the world that we know now. After that he created his children and with their help he created the men and sent them to go forth and populate the Ayarr Lands.
Eternia’s destiny was not an easy one at all. The years of darkness and religionism gripped the Ayarr citizens' souls.
Deemed as heretics, the locals of the tundra were chased by the Zealots of Light, tortured and murdered in a cruel way.
So, year after year, generation after generation…  Eternia,”The Eternal Land” was going down, deeper and deeper into the darkness.
This is what it is today – a place shrouded in veils of mysticism, wild and soaked with sense of infinity and endless distance.


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Re: Announcements
« Reply #14 on: March 02, 2010, 01:48:41 PM »
The new global map

The new global map design shows:

-   Dangerous Provinces(rounded with yellow)

-   No Man's Lands (rounded with red)
- Guild Headquarters
- Guild Outpost
- Castle, owned by a guild
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