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Gameplay Changes
« on: January 07, 2011, 03:03:34 PM »
On January 17th, 2011, the following changes in the storyline quests will be deployed:

The logic of the rewards from those quests will be revamped.
1. In order to receive the items rewards from a certain storyline quest you must complete it in the same level Tier.
2. If you complete the storyline quest, after you have moved into the next level Tier, you will receive the maximum amount of the reward in gold, experience and Diamonds.
3. The rewards in all storyline quests will be significantly improved, including those rewards already generated in accepted quests.

In the mean time other important gameplay changes will be implemented:

1. Hit evasion and Block chances will be changed to 75% and 60%, instead of the previous 65% and 50%.
2. Castle owner Guilds will now see a report for mining taxes amounts.
3. Calculating the mining tax will now take the average auction price of the resource for the last 10 days, instead of the previous - 24 hours back.
4. Upon aggressing a hero in a civilized No Man's Province, a warning message will be displayed, informing the aggressor he will be flagged as an outlaw, if he proceeds with his action.
5. Players who are announced as outlaws by the Ruler Guild, will be marked with a special flag icon, which will be visible in all the Guild's provinces, dungeons and towns.
6. The rule for the degrading of the blood items' durability will be changed. Those items will now take 20% of their initial durability hit upon loss, instead of the previous 50%.
7. A penalty coefficient for all the higher Tier aggressors will be implemented, when the province's Town Guards engage them. This coefficient is the same as the one during Castle Sieges. Meaning - each level above the Guards' Tier will penalize the aggressor with 10% negative hit on all his attributes.