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Regarding the security of your accounts.
« on: November 16, 2009, 02:05:22 PM »
Imperia Online LTD is not responsible for broken or stolen accounts and passwords.
Imperial Hero Team cannot take any responsibility for stolen accounts for reasons as:

1.  Easy passwords: 12345, qwerty, mommy, daddy, 00000, 11111 etc.
2.  When a player has given his password to someone else to look after his account, then the password is given to another, second, third… and at this point password is known by a “scammer”.

Passwords cannot be hacked! This is not a “Hackers”-like movie that we’ve all watched! Passwords can be only guessed or be given by their owner or someone else.


1.  Choose passwords, which contain difficult combinations of numbers and letters.
2.  NEVER give your password or account information to someone else, even if he’s your very trusted person!
The “Your secret is safe with me” story doesn’t exist.
3.  Imperial Hero Team will never ask for your password to investigate a problem with your account. Your nickname is enough, because team has got administrative passwords, which have access to all accounts, and your passwords are encrypted even for us!

And just to clear things up a bit more..

The message says :

"Hey do you want 300 000 diamonds? Just send me a message with you account and password and I'll give you the pin."

Beware and do NOT respond to messages like this one!
Don’t give your password to players who only want to scam you.
If they are SO kind, they will send you diamonds without asking for your password..


Everyone using this kind of cheat, can expect the same in return!
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