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Imperial Hero: Age of Chaos
« on: February 01, 2010, 06:30:02 PM »
The Age of Chaos

The IO Team is delighted to announce the ending of the last important module of the game: " Guilds' Castles", which also puts the beginning of the first official Era:

Imperial Hero: Age of Chaos

Realms will migrated (Beta, Realm 3) to the official era of the game till the end of February, and there will be NO server reset or wipe - but the present 2 realms will be renamed to Realm 2 and Realm 3.
Prepare yourselves for many changes and new features. Activating this last module of the game will complete the first cycle of its development.

What is to be expected in the new module?

After reducing the central authority of the Empire, most of the border provinces separate and become independend, which transforms them to a field of never ending battles between the most powerful guilds, aiming to take control over them. All Tier 5 provinces, except Everwhite, seperate and pludge into chaos, the same applies for Falar Province and Dark Tree Province ( Tier 4).
What that means in Gameplay terms:

1. All provinces will be populated and accessible (21 total).

2. All provinces which are locked right now and that you are going to see after the new module be applied, will be called "No Man's Lands", which separates them into 3 types:

 - Safe - provinces where you can't be attacked by other players (except of Challenge)
 - Dangerous - provinces where you can be attacked in dungeons by other players, but you'll be safe in towns
 - No Man's Lands - provinces where you can be attacked everywhere (towns, dungeons..)

3. At No Man's Lands, there are no buildings at towns, and they belong to a Provincial Castle, which belongs to NPC's. This castle can be conquered by a guild and turned into a Guild Castle, and this way the members of the guild CLAIM SOVEREIGNITY over the whole province.

Ownership Rights:

Province sovereigns can erect town buildings, can tax the stuff sold in town shops (taxes go to guild treasury), as well as apply rules of engagement in town, which rules hired mercenaries will uphold (you may choose not to oblige to those rules, if you can defeat the city guards) In other words – in No Man’s Lands the rules are made and upheld by the guild sovereign.

4. Each guild will have Guild Headquarters in which it can build guild structures enhancing the items production and resource processing.

5. Each guild can build Front outposts in all provinces (as long as there are developed Guild Headquarters), where guilds can develope
structures to enhance resource processing, heroes'  battle skills, experience; also a local stash which works the same way as the current global, but is only available in a certain province; defensive facilities for the cases when the forward outpost is in No Man's Land.

6. Each guild can attempt to conquer another Guild Castle. To make this possible, a Fortress siege must be performed, in which ALL members of the guild PLUS their mercenaries can participate. (In theory - A guild can reach out 100 members, which makes battle possible 600 per 600..) When a Siege is declared, the defending guild will have time to prepare for it,( it won't happen immediately - after announcing it, a certain time must pass, and when time is off, siege will be performed).

7.After a successful siege, the attacking guild claims sovereignity over the castle, as well as over its town. (the guild who lost the castle, can try to take it back the same way). After every change of the owner, some buildings will level down.

8. Town structures in No Man's Lands have new options which are unavailable in ordinary towns and they also work differently - all the items in them are generated by the players which means that you see what is being sold by players - if anyone buys all the potions, others will have to wait for new supply. Good news is there will be items and potions which cannot be seen or bought elsewhere.

9. Guild castles give owners further priviledges - boosting effect of all buildings of the front outpost in the relevent province, as well as the guild headquarters, if it's being moved ( guild headquarters can be moved the same way as hero can move his house.)

10. Building prices will be calculated in a different way than the current one, which we use for researches, so buildings will become expensive slower.

11. Guild leaders can apply "taxes" upon the income of all guild members, which automatically will go to the stash.

12. Guild leaders can hire governers/officers or players responsible for a certain province or castle, so this way they can have time to look after building process in all provinces.

13. In castle sieges, only players close to province's tier can participate, which means that if there's a castle in Tier 4 province, only Tier 4 players can participate in siege.

14. Each guild has a profile, where all achievements will be managed ( sieges, control over provinces etc.)

... Welcome to the Era of Chaos, in which only the strongest guilds challenge status quo and desire to own the world for themselves, and want to put their name in the history of  Empire!

Enjoy :)
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