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Falta de traduccion
« on: April 11, 2010, 03:06:19 AM »
esto aparece en la mision de elite 1
The Assignment

In a stark contrast with the Imperial City's central streets and the Citadel's glamour, the capital's back alley can hardly be places which can be added into any respectable guide tour's route. Dirty, narrow, with shabby houses, barracks, brothels and cheap smoky pubs - places where the self - respecting citizen is taught to escape in the most infant age. And places which are your favorite. For you and ... all those shadowy elements that represent ... "the Backyard of the Ayarr Empire".
And after you've went around the streets, only Father knows how many, you finally find... something that is certainly the most miserable hole, not only in Imperial City, but in the whole Ayarr Land.
The author of the message which you received two days ago, definitely has taste of dramma, you think, smiling hile opening the door of the pub...
to find yourself in a place full of smoke, with tables everywhere, and the subject sitting there probably have issued death sentences in at least five imperial provinces, thieves, murderers and contrabandists - definitely a funny company that can safely turn a few mugs with ... hoping that you won't get the blade between your ribs. Here the common visitors often lose their sacks and those who believe that they won't be separated with their gold ... simply disappear if they are lucky - being found a week later naked and barefoot, with cut throats, in some ditch.
By this meaning, the face making you a sign to go closer, is so not suitable.
With his perfectly straight green tight, his black-gleaming polished boots and his flawless white camisole, colored with royal crests, the man is, least to say, looking rediculous compared to the dirty, sweaty and greasy-haired subjects around. Same can be said about his associates who, despite their massive muscles, look more like court jesters with their bright and colored uniforms.
Getting closer, you start recognizing the crests on their clothes. The Sonoria Family. An Exquire and three guards.
‘It was time for you to appear’, the shiny esquire lisped and made a sign to the three giants to get up, ‘Come on. There is someone expecting you.
"This is getting getting even more interesting."
It seems that the pub owner is probably involved as well, because after exchanging of signs, he leads the group in a small back room, with a gaz lamp,which glass has become yellow from smoke and dust.
In the dark corner, on a small chair, there's a figure in veils. The one who stands behind all this?
‘My Lady’ the esquire and the three guards bended their knees, and in this moment everything clears up.
The figure removes the hood and the glimmering lamp shows the face and the thick blonde hair of Lady Alemonia - the Sovereign of Sonoria Family.
The war has also affected he heiress of the noble Ayarr family. Her eyes look tired and tense.
‘I'll cut to the chase’, the Sovereign takes off her gloves and gives her right hand, ‘If you have visited some of your history lessons as a child, you should know, that the Sonoria family is looking for an… umm... item that belongs to us, which was taken from us in an ugly and distasteful way.. hundreds of years ago.
What you couldn't learn in your history lessons is that, after 100 years spending our treasure in order to find this... item... we finally found someone who could know something.
Alemonia makes a pause and looks at you straight in the eyes:
‘This is a personal favor. And a matter of honor. If i wasn't desperate, I'd have never turn to heroes, but I know I can trust you. Or... can I? Well, I don't have a choice anyway, that is the case.
I do not know what is to be expected at the place where you are going. But if you accept this mission, there will be lethal dangers on the way, that is all I know. So, are you in, or are you out? If you are in, you have to go to Falar Province and meet a man who has the necessary information. You will not recognize him. But he will recognize you...’

ojala lo traduscan

y esta:

Tarea: Matar enemigos 48 en Colinas congeladas de la provincia de Falar. Vuelve a la taberna de la Ciudad Imperial para recibir tu recompensa.

Oro : 5000 - 10000
Experiencia : 2000 - 10000

Deberia ser:
Tare: Matar 48 enemigos en las Colinas congeladas de la provincia de Falar. Vuelve a la taberna de la Ciudad Imperial para recibir tu recompensa
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Re: Falta de traduccion
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 01:47:09 AM »
listo ;)