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monsters skills
« on: June 24, 2009, 07:57:02 PM »
we dont know what skills have monsters but when we fight we can see in reports what they use. maybe we can put all this informations together in this topic.

from report on forum i see heretic's skills are:
-fountain of life,
-panther swiftness,
raider use:
-shield bash,
-raging charge.

from my reports i know this.

brown bear:
grey wolf lvl 4:
-meele defence lvl 7 (reduce damage by 50%)
-fast (reduce range of distance weapon)
-raging charge
plain tiger:
plain lion:
-roar (decrease all ability points)
plain boar:
-charge attack
marauder-archer lvl 24:
-burning arrow
-berserker stance lvl 7
marauder lvl 24:
-charge attack lvl 7
-crushing blow lvl 1
robber lvl 11:
-ambush 6%,
-eagle eye,
raider lvl 21:
-raging charge,
raider-archer lvl 21:
-burning arrow,
-Vision of Clarity on Marauder, adding 6 to his Dexterity.
-Sickness on chegewara, decreasing his Health with 60.
-Poison Cloud on chegewara, decreasing his Agility with 6
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