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Imperial Hero 2.0 Discussion / Re: Forum
« on: January 29, 2016, 03:58:44 AM »
Ok look here are some very honest opinions that  you most probably will not like but I will put them down regardless because overall I liked the game albeit with some very major reservations.

Ok the tutorial is basic, glitchy as hell sometimes where if you click the slightest thing that is not what it wanted you to do - it has a major heart attack each time.  This is at times easier said than done as sometimes the arrow seems to be pointing at mid air and in the end I was clicking all round the stupid thing trying to find out what the hell it wanted me to click.  Getting asked if I want to reload every 5 clicks made we want to scream in - no I just want the arrow to point at the actual thing and not a general area on page and take hissy fit because I cannot find it.

Following on from the most annoying things ever, going into the hostile region - is there any need for that stupid pop up to come up time & time again when I do.  Yes I got the warning after the 12 th time of seeing, the many other dozens on top make me want to smash my comp up in rage.   Also glitches, amount of refreshes I had to do, fast travelling for one when no option came up to do it, just showed the line.

The crystals at start, no guide or info on them, I first heard from clan leader about them and even then took me few days before I stumbled on it by accident.  By then was bit late, weaker team through it and seems the only way to combat it is spend.  Not that is a guarantee,  I just fought a team of 3 who had more health than my team of 5 one of whom was another player character - I am all for hard gaming but that I am sorry is just taking piss.  Bought higher lv mercs, got best equipment I could, took some premium buff potions and made no difference.  The fact that it often happens on last round before you know is frankly a joke, the fact that it has cost you most times at least 60 stamina to find that out is just money grabbing tactics on your part.  Even better is when you go away, upgrade all you can, buy more buffs & go back and get your arse kicked all over yet again and more stuff wasted.  Getting offered a crappy chest in middle of it did not make me any happier.

The whole pay for stamina thing, have you looked at your game - it is sadly apart from hardcore few pretty much a morgue most times and you are kiilling off your own game through greed.  You overlook the importance of a free-paying player in that it gives you an active game and server.  People feel that, as it half the items I need at times are not even for sale in auction so few are playing or the hardcore premium players have bought everything in sight to play stocktrading.  Considering the price you ask for VIP - the benefits of which are not really worth it in my eyes and most of them involve extra chances of spending more cash, the lack of stam in general is bad joke.  I bought 700+ stam tonight, plus with what I started with then I levelled up also - did few rounds and some mining/processing and it was gone.  Considering some of your boards are like 12 or 13 rounds a time, for one stage - there you go that is half the stam I buy in one package gone.  To find out at end of that the boss has like double the health of your team combined is excuse my french a total fucking joke.

As is the lack of any real support department on game, I never received any e-mail, I did check my blocked senders also.  The fact is I am out 100k gold through game glitch with no real way of getting matter resolved.  So this is where I am at, keep my months VIP, keep the 1k plus diamonds I still have on game - in fact do yourself a favor & give them out to free players.  I posted a lot of stuff in auction at low prices not out of stupidity but to try to give them a chance of getting items at fair price.  Most offer on there for premium items ask for stupid amounts of gold because that is only way anyone not spending has to get them - you make the game unbalanced with this and people who can afford to buy them, make stupid amounts of gold from it. 

I have been a gamer for 30 years, online, consoles, played just about every facebook game there is  and if nothing else I have saw pretty much all the pros & cons of many besides yours.  It seems you too have followed the trend of being all about pay to play - one day gamers will wake up, buying your way to top is not playing, takes whole point of gaming away.  I do not mind spending & supporting any game I like but I will not spend cash just in order to make it playable.  So keep what you got from me, doesn't matter to me - I rest easy knowing it will be the last time my cash will be spent here.  Possibly you might take that as something to consider - I would rather let you keep the £40 or so I spent here and just not come back to play, that is how bad I found it in end.  Regards, Steve.

Bugs / Re: Feedback/support issue
« on: January 27, 2016, 04:57:05 PM »
checked again and no e-mail - sent you a pm with alternative e-mail address sorry

Bugs / Feedback/support issue
« on: January 26, 2016, 09:45:43 PM »
Ok something was glitching in game today and then it went offline for a bit.  The upshot of it is that I sold an item at auction today, it shows a sold in my offers but I have had no mail for it & no gold.  I messaged feedback twice and have had no response - if you are asking me to spend money on your game ( which I have twice now already ) then the least you could do is have some sort of working support option built into game.  Would someone please get in touch with me regarding this either in game or by e-mail, it really does not give the greatest impression of the game at all thanks.

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