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New Market Section - Rules and Tips
« on: March 18, 2010, 01:51:43 AM »
On 28-06-2010 the Market Category has been re-designed to be made easier for traders who wish to use it. Here's a list of some rules and tips for optimal usage.


  • There are now 7 sub-categories in Market - one for each Tier. When you want to make a listing, make sure to enlist it on the appropriate Tier. If you want to make a listing that includes items of various Tiers, use the main Market page.

  • All listings should follow the "WTB/WTS/WTT - Item Name - Item Quality - Realm" Title structure.
    • WTB/WTS/WTT- They mean "Want to Buy", "Want to Sell" and "Want to Trade". Use one of these to state if you are interested to Buy, Sell, or Trade your item(s). "Buy" means you are looking for the item and you offer gold as an exchange. "Sell" means you have and want to sell the item(s) for gold. "Trade" means you have the item and want to trade it with another item, diamonds, resources, etc.
    • Item Name - Write the name of the item you offer (or are looking for) exactly the way it is callind ingame. There's an exception here regarding WTB listings. If you don't know the item's name, enter a brief description (for example WTB 1-time-crafted 1-handed sword).
    • Item Quality - In other words, Normal / Rare / Legendary / Epic / Set.
    • Realm - Never forget to mention your realm so your listing is only read by people you can actually trade with.

  • When selling or trading, include a screenshot of your item in your post. Make sure you've turned your ingame language in english before you take your screenshot. Since it's an international forum, not all people can read your language.

  • When a listing is no longer valid, either if the trade is complete or you're not interested any more, lock your topic. This way people know it is over and won't bother checking it.

  • Ii is not allowed to post a listing on someone else's topic. Create another topic, even for similar items.

  • Off-topic or spam replies are not allowed. Replies are only available for offers to the listings. Exception: If your listing is still valid but your topic is going further down to the list, there's the danger that it will be mixed with the invalid/locked listings/topics. To avoid this you can make a reply with the word "bumb" to put it back on the top of the list. Only one bumb per week is allowed.

  • Remember, Forum Rules still apply in Market. Make sure you break none of those as well.


  • When you make a listing it is good that you include an estimated price as well. For example, how much gold you're willing to sell your item for or how much you would be willing to pay for one you want to buy.

  • When you want to buy an item, take a look at the already WTS offers before you list it. There may be someone who's already selling it.

  • Although it is recomended that you use one topic per item, you can always make a combo-listing. Let's say for example that you are looking for 1-time weaponsmith recipes in general. You can make one listing where you describe exactly what you're looking for instead of 10 separate, one for each recipe. This also works with crafting materials (e.g. WTS Gems), crafting orders (WTS any craftable 14-18 level rare/legendary item) and generally anything that can be sold in high quantities.

  • There are times when you have certain special needs regarding an item you want to buy. For example, 1-handed sword with critical and block bonuses. It's a good idea that you mention them in your post as well.

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