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Questions / How you build a new outpost?
« on: August 29, 2010, 09:04:05 AM »
My guild has upgraded its level but my commander can't find an option to create a new outpost in a empty province.

What is the exact procedure?

Bugs / Divine bless at level 2 do something beside costing more?
« on: August 18, 2010, 09:28:08 AM »
I have the skill divine bless at 2.

Apparently it do nothing beside costing 200 spirit points instead of 100.

Divine Bless
Grants +1 bonus to party members' skills. Level 3 grants all party members receive the bonus. The bonus doesn't extend skills if they are already at maximum.
Points   1   2   3
Spirit Cost   100   200   300

Jago_Rubes uses the skill Divine Bless and increases Jago_Rubes's all skills by 1.

From the above quotes having the skill ad 2 is only a prerequisite for having it at 3, but don't give a higher bonus nor give it to more people, but it cost more.

If that is exact (and I see nothing to contradict that) the cost of using it should be changed to:

Points   1   2   3
Spirit Cost   100   100   300

so that at least the intermediate level cost the same of the basic level.

Just for clarity, I had 5 mercenaries in the battle from wick I have taken the quote and only the main character was enhanced  in the first round of combat.

A second character was enhanced in the second round, but if the only difference is the possibility to enhance a second character with a later casting of the spell the extra cost is still motivated.

I sincerely hope that this "Level 3 grants all party members receive the bonus."  that all the party members receive the bonus with a single casting. It it mean that they will receive it with different casting at 300 points of mana each it is useless to rise the skill above 1.

General Talk / A littl test in light hides gathering
« on: August 13, 2010, 07:58:12 AM »
I tried to link an existing character to a Imperia Online account for the extra credit in Imperia, but it didn't worked and instead I ended with a new character.
So i did a little test to see how mayi hides a character could gather in the first 9 levels before changing tier and getting the penalty to the gathered pelts.

Doing only missions against animals and the first 9 seeps of storyline in the Hope village plains I have got the grand total of 62 light hides, not even enough to get to the next tiers as a tanner.

Seeing that they are needed for building stuff at least upward to the third tiers weapons I am surprised that the price is so low.

I think that the Hope region really need another dungeon with at least 3 animals of the level 7-9 or the number of hides dropped should be heavily rethought.

General Talk / Why my followers don't loot?
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:33:33 AM »
If the main character go down but the battle is won my followers will not loot the enemy.


I get that it was implemented to avoid kamikaze attack from high level character against storyline bosses, but implementing it in all missions and all steps of the storylines is simply a way to punish low level character because higher level characters exploit the game.

You should find a better way to balance things.

"2. Multistaged Dungeons logic changes.
As of today if the Leader of the multistage dungeon is slain, the dungeon will be instantly locked. No matter if the reward from the story line quest is collected or not."

What is the "logic" of this change?

1) if your hero "die" you fail the mission, but if the Leader is slain the storyline is locked, so you risk to get a lot of "uncompleted but locked" storylines;

2) AFAIK the last stage of a storyline mission in a multi tier dungeon is the only location where you can get the item sets. I have never seen more than 1 item drop from a successful fight against a leader and often not even 1 item is dropped.

So this change make impossible to get a complete set doing the dungeon multiple times and seeing that some component  seem to be a more common drop than others it mean that complete sets will be extremely rare and priced at a level that will not reflect the set bonus.

Just to make an example, one of my heroes has completed all the quest in the tier 3 province and has got 3 pieces from different sets out of 20 (I think) total components for the 4 different sets.

The other heroes  I have had the same results,  so no chance to get a complete set even with 4 heroes.

Locking higher tiers character from doing lower tiers multistage dungeons was a good move, but this seem to be badly thought idea.

Quote from: Jago on Today at 01:13:17 PM
"Stone Cutter and Tanner Nerfing     2010-06-29 13:08:56
As of today, June 29th, 2010 the crafting tool bonus for Stone Cutter and Tanner for processing raw resources will be halved. Legendary Tools will now give 25% and Rare - 15%"

Someone can explain the reason behind such nerfing?

Stone cutters and Tanner  already don't have items giving a bonus to the harvesting of resources, tanners have a malus when trying to harvest resources in a location with monsters whit a lover level than them and now you add a further nerf.


Re: Stone Cutter and Tanner Nerfing
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:25:28 PM »
Because they are currently producing insane amounts of resources which is flooding the market and is bad for the economy.
It's one of those measures your government makes from time to time to regulate the market, so some people don't lose massive amounts of money one day and then - throw themselves from tall buildings.

Trust me, it's good for everyone.
Right now the gemstones and the hides prices are so low the Stonecutters and the Tanners are actually not working for profit at all.

1) Stonecutters are flooding the gem market because of the mechanic you have implemented to get the ruby and sapphires. To get them we we can't dig directly for them but have to dig for other gems. So to get 1 sapphire or ruby I will end digging 10 other gems that I don't need. 
This mechanic make the other gems a byproduct of searching for the higher order gems.

Reducing the production of the other finished gems and especially doing it this way will not help.
We will need the same number of success success cutting gems to get to higher tiers of the profession, so will will cut more low value gems and produce more, not less, gems.

2)Tier 3 resources, unrefined:  Iron ore = 1.325; Silver ore = 4.500; Ruby = 3.296; Yew wood = 895; Heavy pelt= 199; light bones = 239
   Tier 3 resources, refined: Iron ingot = 3.800; Silver Ingot = 6.500;  Ruby gem = 3.500; Crafted Yew = 650;  Heavy leather = 500; Crafted light bones = 470

    Tier 2 resources, unrefined Tin ore = 870; Sapphire = 950; Ash wood = 799; Medium hides= 235; 
    Tier 2 resources, refined: Tin ingot = 899; Bronze Ingot = 2.000;  Sapphire gem = 1.740; Crafted ash = 799;  Medium leather = 599;Rough sharpening stone = 50 tick sharpening stone = 898;

     Tier 1 resources, unrefined: Coal  = 890; Copper ore = 650;Oak wood = 499; Light hides = 5.000;; Soft sharpening stone = 650, uncut gems 2.000-2.500
      Tier 1 resources, refined: Copper ingot = 1.000; Light leather =  3.450;  crafted oak = 630;  Cut gems 2.00-2.500 (opal = 1.000)
Comparing like to like I don't see this "low prices for hides and gems", with the notable exception of light pelts/hides

Or we will see a nerf to wodcutting in the near future too?

3) Why you have locked the thread? this is a discussion board or not?

Questions / Stone Cutter and Tanner Nerfing
« on: July 05, 2010, 01:13:17 PM »
"Stone Cutter and Tanner Nerfing     2010-06-29 13:08:56
As of today, June 29th, 2010 the crafting tool bonus for Stone Cutter and Tanner for processing raw resources will be halved. Legendary Tools will now give 25% and Rare - 15%"

Someone can explain the reason behind such nerfing?

Stone cutters and Tanner  already don't have items giving a bonus to the harvesting of resources, tanners have a malus when trying to harvest resources in a location with monsters whit a lover level than them and now you add a further nerf.


In the last weeks I have never received the notification message informing me on who has attacked me when I am in a dungeon in dangerous province.

I like to know who has attacked me and with what results and not getting this information is fairly fastidious. 

Questions / Items with bonus skills and who can use them
« on: June 27, 2010, 01:36:25 PM »
II have a question about the items with bonus skills (like poison, shield bash, ecc.).

The character using them should potentially have the skill (i.e. a ranger should use an item with the poison bonus skill and not a mystic) or they work for every character?

The times I have checked the combat log I have seen no effect from the items with the bonus skills so it is hard to judge.

A second question: they use mana if that is needed to use the skill?

I have recently hired a low level mercenary (current level 24) as it had better skills than the previous one.

He could use only equipment up to level 24 as long as it was a tier 3 character but as I have reached level 30 and moved to Ophalia province I have upgraded him to level 4.

Now he can use level 25-29 items and level 30+ items.

Circumventing the limit this way seem to be against the spirit of the rule.

Character: Wuxing

Mercenary: Palvese (if you check him you will see he is using a set of level 30 gauntlets)

Bugs / Who has broken again e-mail confirmation with tiscali?
« on: June 12, 2010, 08:56:43 PM »
As the title say the last patch has been broken again.

In the past a Developer had confirmed my e-mail manually to resolve the problem, now that confirmation has been canceled and it is not possible to confirm a tiscali mail.  >:(

Character: Pu-Leng

In several occasion, while the display say that I have a better than 100% cumulative chance of producing a rare or better item I have got a normal item.

It is a bug or an intended feature?

To make it clearer:

Using a workbench and magic hammer my probabilities were: 60% rare, 30% epic, 15% legendary, so the cumulative chances of getting something not normal were 105%.

Or instead than being cumulative the chances follow a progression of this kind:

60% of a rare item;
if the item isn't rare you get a 30% of a epic item;
if the item isn't epic you have a 15% chance of a legendary item?

Bugs / Scomparsa contura leggendaria dal nascondiglio dell'alleanza.
« on: June 02, 2010, 03:59:32 PM »
Questa mattina prima della manutenzione ho piazzato una cintura appena costruita di qualità leggendaria nel magazzino dell'alleanza.

La manutenzione mi ha impedito ti ritirala e al mio rientro senza che alcun giocatore l'avesse presa era sparita dal magazzino.

Lista corrente dei movimenti del magazzino:

Wuxing     inserisci     Swift Body Armor     2010-06-01 19:03:18
Wuxing    inserisci    Ricetta per Elmo di Pelle Pesante    2010-06-01 19:03:22
Wuxing    inserisci    Ricetta per Armatura Placcata in Bronzo    2010-06-01 19:03:29
Wuxing    inserisci    Moonstone Studded Leather Belt    2010-06-02 09:19:15
Niobe    prendi    Swift Body Armor    2010-06-02 16:50:56
Niobe    prendi    Ricetta per Armatura Placcata in Bronzo    2010-06-02 16:51:59
Niobe    prendi    Emerald Composite Bow    2010-06-02 16:52:10
Niobe    prendi    Ricetta per Elmo di Pelle Pesante    2010-06-02 16:52:15

Testi / 2 ricette con lo stesso nome
« on: May 06, 2010, 11:53:15 PM »
Le ricette per la corazza di maglia del secondo ordine, livello 14 "cotto di maglia in bronzo"  e quelle per la corazza di maglia del terzo ordine livello 24 " cotto di maglia in bronzo" anno lo stesso nome benchè siano di due ordini diversi.

Mi sono trovato a doverne costruire 5 per una quest e andare a prova ed errore per vedere quale fosse quella giusta è stato decisamente negativo.

Bugs / Bug nella creazione
« on: April 12, 2010, 02:13:57 PM »
Carattere: Wuxing
Skill di creazione armature livello 3:  400

Ho creato un set di guanti del bandito sui banchi di lavoro della mia corporazione usando un martello dorato.

Le mie probabilità di successo erano 60% raro, 30% epico, 15% leggendario.

Completata la creazione l'oggetto era: normale

A meno che le probabilità non siano lette in sequenza (ovvero hai il 60% di ottenere un oggetto raro, se questo non avviene hai il 30% di ottenere un oggetto epico, se questo non avviene hai il 15% di ottenere un oggetto leggendario) non vi era possibilità che questo avvenisse.

Possibile causa del bug: era l'ultima carica del martello ed è scomparso a creazione avvenuta.

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