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Bugs / Re: Lacking notification message for battles in dangerous provinces
« on: September 25, 2010, 08:41:10 AM »
I think that if you win a defensive battle you have the right to loot your attacker party corpses.

As it is today it is a really unbalanced fight, the attacker never lose anything beside the armor wearing even if he lose.

Another thing: why the battle seem to last only a round and your monks don't cure anyone and don't boost anyone? (0 mana used is a fair demonstration that they haven't boosted or cured any one; my dark mystic didn't even used her abilities to curse the enemy) 

Questions / Re: How you build a new outpost?
« on: August 29, 2010, 11:42:36 AM »
"Guild HQ - ******
The following amount of gold and/or diamonds will be deducted from your Guild Treasury, if you want to move your Guild HQ:"

Probably I am a bit dense, but this is the only message can I see and it seem to imply something very different from building an outpost.

My leader say that he see the same message.

Questions / How you build a new outpost?
« on: August 29, 2010, 09:04:05 AM »
My guild has upgraded its level but my commander can't find an option to create a new outpost in a empty province.

What is the exact procedure?

Bugs / Divine bless at level 2 do something beside costing more?
« on: August 18, 2010, 09:28:08 AM »
I have the skill divine bless at 2.

Apparently it do nothing beside costing 200 spirit points instead of 100.

Divine Bless
Grants +1 bonus to party members' skills. Level 3 grants all party members receive the bonus. The bonus doesn't extend skills if they are already at maximum.
Points   1   2   3
Spirit Cost   100   200   300

Jago_Rubes uses the skill Divine Bless and increases Jago_Rubes's all skills by 1.

From the above quotes having the skill ad 2 is only a prerequisite for having it at 3, but don't give a higher bonus nor give it to more people, but it cost more.

If that is exact (and I see nothing to contradict that) the cost of using it should be changed to:

Points   1   2   3
Spirit Cost   100   100   300

so that at least the intermediate level cost the same of the basic level.

Just for clarity, I had 5 mercenaries in the battle from wick I have taken the quote and only the main character was enhanced  in the first round of combat.

A second character was enhanced in the second round, but if the only difference is the possibility to enhance a second character with a later casting of the spell the extra cost is still motivated.

I sincerely hope that this "Level 3 grants all party members receive the bonus."  that all the party members receive the bonus with a single casting. It it mean that they will receive it with different casting at 300 points of mana each it is useless to rise the skill above 1.

General Talk / Re: A littl test in light hides gathering
« on: August 13, 2010, 07:27:08 PM »
I too remember getting much more, but how much time ago? For me it was when characters of any profession could gather pelts.

That is what I gathered in realm 3 in the last 2 weeks, with a tanner.

I think the cumulative changes had a negative impact. I rarely if ever gathered 2 pelts from 2 enemies and in several battles against 2 animals of level 7-9 when I was level 7 (and even after that), so when I should hadn't a negative modifier, I did gathered 0 pelts.


General Talk / A littl test in light hides gathering
« on: August 13, 2010, 07:58:12 AM »
I tried to link an existing character to a Imperia Online account for the extra credit in Imperia, but it didn't worked and instead I ended with a new character.
So i did a little test to see how mayi hides a character could gather in the first 9 levels before changing tier and getting the penalty to the gathered pelts.

Doing only missions against animals and the first 9 seeps of storyline in the Hope village plains I have got the grand total of 62 light hides, not even enough to get to the next tiers as a tanner.

Seeing that they are needed for building stuff at least upward to the third tiers weapons I am surprised that the price is so low.

I think that the Hope region really need another dungeon with at least 3 animals of the level 7-9 or the number of hides dropped should be heavily rethought.

General Talk / Re: Why my followers don't loot?
« on: August 01, 2010, 07:10:43 PM »
I hope you will read the whole post. I was still editing it when you replied.

General Talk / Re: Why my followers don't loot?
« on: August 01, 2010, 06:52:46 PM »
I assume by followers you mean mercenaries? When you fight in a Multistage Dungeon, and your Hero dies, but some of the mercenaries remain alive in the (maybe last ?) battle, you might win the battle, but you won't receive the quest item. Therefore, you have to start back from the first stage.
It's been like that since.. forever?

By exploiting the game what exactly do you mean? Please, share your opinion.

Maybe he wants to say that when the hero dies in a victorious battle (mercs finish off the enemy) the loot is really really small- e.g, in a normal zone that I usually earn about 60K gold (counting the items sold to vendor), if my hero dies I get only 2-3K gold and no items.

I am not sure what he refers to by the "kamekaze exploit", but I suppose the new rule about locking lower tier dungeons if you survive the battle with the boss tipped him off (otherwise, you can yield monstrous gainings by suiciding your hero in a surewin battles- mercs kill the boss, you get some nice legendary/epic items, the storyline doesn't count your attempt successful- you have a nice goldmine for the first several levels in the higher tier, etc). With the "died hero, small loot" rule this is impossible. And the question posed is- is this rule justified in normal zones?

1) What I am referring to is that, even in a normal battle, if the hero die but the battle is won, you get the gold and XP but there is no loot: no potions, no weapons, no armors, no bones, no pelts to harvest.
    It has changed that way recently, at least in my experience.
   It is not referred specifically to multiple stage dungeons

2) Kamikaze exploit:
attacking the last stage of a multistage dungeon while wearing no armor so that the hero will die and the dungeon stay open as uncompleted.

You were the one to define the attack to die tactic open a kamikase attack, Sheremetev:

Yes, the bonsai-hadoken-kamekadze attack saces a margin of the repair taxes. But when the hero dies the mercs go totally ape and completely forget about scavaging the enemies. Gold is several times less too.

And the question posed is- is this rule justified in normal zones?

And you are asking the right question.

By exploiting the game what exactly do you mean? Please, share your opinion.

Exploiting: "gaming" the rules to get maximum gains even when it is against the spirit of the game.

The spirit is that, when capable you will go and fight in a higher tier zone, the rules allow you to farm a lower tier zone even when you are fully capable of winning the battles in the easiest dungeons of the next tier.

Note that the kind of loot you get in the higher tiers of a level compared to what you find in the lowest tiers of the next push you toward this kins of behavior too. Only the tanners has an incentive to fight immediately in the higher tiers dungeon it they contains animals. 

General Talk / Re: Why my followers don't loot?
« on: July 28, 2010, 01:46:57 PM »
It was this way all along, this is not something that was implemented lately. ???

Sorry, but I am sure that in the past my followers have looted time and again when my leader was down.

It is a fairly recent development.

General Talk / Why my followers don't loot?
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:33:33 AM »
If the main character go down but the battle is won my followers will not loot the enemy.


I get that it was implemented to avoid kamikaze attack from high level character against storyline bosses, but implementing it in all missions and all steps of the storylines is simply a way to punish low level character because higher level characters exploit the game.

You should find a better way to balance things.

Unlocked Multistaged Dungeons with the hero’s Tier higher bug fixed – upon defeating the dungeon’s Boss by a hero who is in higher Tier will instantly lock the respective dungeon. So far heroes could stay in multistage dungeons as long as they don’t receive the story line reward from the tavern which lead to uncontrolled “Dungeon Boss Farming”.

Ok, if it will work that ways there is no problem.

Beside the standard MMORPG problem: "We need to balance the game around high levels character cheating. Pithy that the balance often screw low level characters or those that are not cheating."

1. No. If you die and you slay the Boss, you get another chance to fight him. The dungeon won't be locked, because you haven't completed the story line yet.
2. Farming of the multistaged dungeons with higher Tier mercs, causing market flooding and excessive amounts of gold and experience received was not our intention for game balance.

Sets are dropped by a lot more mobs, not just the Boss ones. The Bosses only have higher chance to drop it.

Are you sure to have read what I wrote and what the in game message say?

1) As of today if the Leader of the multistage dungeon is slain, the dungeon will be instantly locked.

So, unless the change update is wrong, there is no possibility to retry after the leader is slaying, independently if the mission was successfully completed or not.

2)  The multi stage dungeon have already been barred from higher tier characters some time ago.
This a new change that bar you from repeating it with with same tier characters.

"2. Multistaged Dungeons logic changes.
As of today if the Leader of the multistage dungeon is slain, the dungeon will be instantly locked. No matter if the reward from the story line quest is collected or not."

What is the "logic" of this change?

1) if your hero "die" you fail the mission, but if the Leader is slain the storyline is locked, so you risk to get a lot of "uncompleted but locked" storylines;

2) AFAIK the last stage of a storyline mission in a multi tier dungeon is the only location where you can get the item sets. I have never seen more than 1 item drop from a successful fight against a leader and often not even 1 item is dropped.

So this change make impossible to get a complete set doing the dungeon multiple times and seeing that some component  seem to be a more common drop than others it mean that complete sets will be extremely rare and priced at a level that will not reflect the set bonus.

Just to make an example, one of my heroes has completed all the quest in the tier 3 province and has got 3 pieces from different sets out of 20 (I think) total components for the 4 different sets.

The other heroes  I have had the same results,  so no chance to get a complete set even with 4 heroes.

Locking higher tiers character from doing lower tiers multistage dungeons was a good move, but this seem to be badly thought idea.

General Talk / Re: the new rule on the recipes...
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:24:06 AM »
Yes the real cost for a crafter is at the resources... The rule will simple add more movement to the (dead?) recipe market (=money movement).

Adding more movement = making it undead?

Seriously I can't see why you think it will add anything to the recipe market.
The only recipe I have used more than 100 times was the Yew long bow to push my weaponsmithing skill up (I am a carpenter so getting the resources is easy) and I have found multiple copies of that recipe.

i see no reason to buy it or any other non unique recipe from market.

(Gold available for loans is 48.448.081.802) this means that rich players exist

What is the average for single player?

How much gold is in the hands of the top 1% and 10% of the players?

Why they would buy some recipe for items that aren't single use?

I have nothing against the rule change per se, but I doubt it will reach its goal.

to the "crafting wishlist" can I request a "view recipes" option without the need to open the crafting window, and a sort for location option?

Cuorion, For the "good" recipes requiring light leathers I will check as soon as I am in a village.  Keep in mind that now some level x4 recipe is "good" as they are the limit to the items you can use during the first half of a tier.

Wuxing [armorsmith] scratches his head. Where are the tier 3 recipes requiring light leather? I don't see anyone of those. Something has changed here.

Pu-Leng (weaposmith, tier 3):
- Fierce blood lance (rare recipe),
- other level 28: Iron opal war hammer, bone emerald crossbow, blood fury, ecc. in total 35 of 51 level 28 weapon recipes (S&O) I have require from 1 to 3 light leathers.

I would say that weaponsmiths have a serious need for light leathers.

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